Anti Jello upgrade plate for DJI S1000 from Kopterworx – How to mount Tutorial


We are back with a new tutorial of making your aerial filming experience better. Today we talk about jello in your footage when you fly DJI S1000 with small cameras so under light load and eventually when your props are not totally balanced.
If you look closely under the central frame the plate is very thin under the front and back arms. They sit on the circuit board where there is the power distribution. There they can balance and vibrate. Under the other two arms there is a reinforcing plate from carbon fibre because the frame needs to be strengthened because of the landing gear and has to support the total weight of the frame, gimbal, and camera.

When there is heavy load usually the frame tends to bend a little and leave the booms to move a bit up. Under a heavy camera the booms do not come back and start a vibration they stay bent all the time in the upward position. so there is a constant tension in the bottom and upper plate of the frame.
When yo fly with light load like a GH4 and a light battery under hovering conditions the booms tend to bend upwards but then they come back in their first position. Then they move up again and back and up and back.  This is where the vibration starts. This vibration disappears when you start moving up or forward and give a little power. But as you slow down it comes back again.

Something like here:

As you know the vibration will cause jello in your footage and also over the long run will start to wear out your parts in your frame, causing even more vibrations.
If DJI had put a double carbon plate on the bottom part of the frame that would have never happened. So you can either put a double plate yourself on the bottom or strengthen the frame somehow else.  There are upgrade plates in the market what goes under the frame but in order to mount it you have to take the whole frame piece by piece. This is not good and maybe many of us would not feel comfortable making it DIY.

Kopterworx has come out with an easier solution. They designed a top plate what is strong enough to prevent the whole wobbling. In order to mount it you do not have to take down the whole thing only the upper plate.  You will see how week is that compared to the Kopterworx one.
This plate is very user friendly you will see in the video how easy is to change.

There is some other thing too. With this upgrade you will have a part on the top what you can take out anytime in case you need to do some works inside the frame.
You will get also a small part where you can stick your RC receiver be it Futaba, Spectrum, Graupner and you can fix the small antennas the receivers have onto the provided part. We did not mount that a one because we have our gimbal receiver on the gimbal itself.

The other thing you get is a small bracket what helps you put your video link TX in the upright position on the top of the frame. We did not use this one either yet but is very helpful to have.
Keep in mind while you are doing the upgrade to fix the GPS antenna in the same position as it was before. The frame has only one position to mount, you see it in the video.

The small red locks for the booms have also one position how you  can put it back. Keep in mid to use blue thread lock.
One more thing. I almost forgot. You can buy these parts from Kopterworx and the part itself you can find HERE.

Here are some pictures of the drone after the upgrade: